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Thread: Analyze Index and Data

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    Analyze Data and Analyze Index are 2 different things right?

    What I mean is:

    Say I have segment type table with 3GB and segment type index with 5GB. When I say analyze table "table_name" I am only analyzing table and not index data right. Should I also analyze indexes seperately? How would I do that?

    Thanks, ST2000

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    i have learnt from one of the postings that analyze table "table_name" compute statistics will do for both table data and indexes
    siva prakash

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    Colorado Springs
    If you have the DBMS_STATS package available on your version of Oracle then you should be using that. It is faster (it can be parallellized) and in some cases more accurate.

    Other than that, if you make sure always to specify one or more of the following FOR clauses then you will always be sure what is going on ...

    ... for table
    ... for all indexes
    ... for all indexed columns

    eg. analyze table my_table compute statistics for table for all indexed columns for all indexes;

    see SQL reference for complete syntax.

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