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Thread: Immediate help needed - Shutdown Problem

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    I have a test db I am attempting to shutdown immediate so I can back it up. I have consultants in so it needs done soon. It has been hanging for over 2 hours. I have already issued a shutdown abort and startup and now have issued the shutdown immediate. I have also removed the .dat files from the otrace directory. My alert log has no errors and it says that smon is waiting for tx recovery. The consultants have been upgrading the application/cleaning up files in this database. I also attempted to create a couple of large indexes which ran for over 24 hours and I killed. The database was shutdown immediate just last week for a backup. Do I just have to wait or what?? I cannot select from fet$ or uet$ since it tells me Oracle is not available. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you...

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    Wink Shutdown Immediate

    I guess your SMON is doing recovery for the killed session of index creation. You'd better wait for the shutdown.
    Or, if possible, leave it up and open for your consultants. The SMON will automatically do the recovery at background.

    Queyon Zeng

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