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Thread: RMAN experts please help!

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    Hi guys, I have a scenario that I don't know what is the best approach to resolve. I'm using RMAN nocatalog to backup all my databases. Say, one day I lost all my controlfiles on all mount points how do I recover the controlfile using RMAN nocatalog. I know a fact the RMAN nocatalog stores information in the target db's controlfile so when you lose all your controlfiles then I'm toasted? I know RMAN with catalog (where info stored in a foreign database) can recover all controlfiles without a problem. Thought RMAN-nocatalog could do the same? Experts please help. Thanx a billion

    Here are my steps

    In RMAN- catalog

    1. Startup nomount
    2. restore controlfiles >>> worked perfectly

    In RMAN- no catalog

    1. Startup nomount
    2. Restore controlfiles >> got a bunch of error msges, it
    complained that the database
    should be mounted first...Duh, how
    can I mount a database without a

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    You can not restore control file when not using catalog.

    Your options are..

    1. recreate controlfile.
    2. Recover using backup controlfile


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    From Technet:

    It is difficult to restore and recover if you lose your control files and do not use a recovery catalog. The only way to restore and recover when you have lost all control files and need to restore and recover datafiles is to call Oracle Support Services. Support will need to know:

    The current schema of the database.

    Which files were backed up.

    When the files were backed up.

    The names of the backup pieces containing the files.

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    I'm agree with Sanjay...
    "Greatest Rewards come only with Greatest Commitments!"

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