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Thread: Purpose of File \oracle\ora81\database\oradim.log ?

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    Hi all,

    What is the purpose of this file
    \oracle\ora81\database\oradim.log ?

    On my earlier post today for
    ORA-2710 - shared Mem Realm does not exist
    the message is logged in this file.

    I was wondering what is the relation.


    Sridhar R Patnam

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    From MetaLink:

    When you use ORADIM utility, a log file called ORADIM.LOG is created in ORACLE_BASE\ORACLE_HOME\DATABASE, or in the directory specified by the ORA_CWD registry parameter. ORADIM messages are not displayed on the screen, instead they are logged into this file. The file is overwritten with each ORADIM command.

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