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Thread: Login Problems

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    I have a couple of problems with my copy of

    I have a bunch of questions, and appreciate any help or advice.

    1) I can login to the SQL*PLUS and attach to the DB, but I
    am having problems with the DBA STUDIO locking up. It sez JREW.EXE not responding when I shut down my system.

    2) I have installed the DB, created a DB, but haven't set the parameters in the .ORA file. Is this a problem? Also, I have two other DB instances that the install picked up from some prior install. I went into the ADMIN for WIN console and found the service on for these DB's, but I can't seem to delete them. Any help or suggestions appreciated.

    3) I have logged in as internal/oracle as sysdba, but I don't show up as a user. Am I still setting things up? Because when I open the DB it shows my settings, but I can't open tables or view schema. Have I finishe the create table\tablespace?


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    From your questions I understand you have installed the software/created the database multiple times adn messed up with installation files. Whenever you hit install problems/db creation problems its wise to clean it per oracle recommendations and then reinstall. Preferably using Oracle Universal Installer you have to deinstall the software OR use db configuration assistant to remove the database.

    1) Might be installtion files are messed up. try shut down box and reboot and see that helps.

    2) Your SIDs are registered in the Windows entry as services, you might need to delte the entries or stop those services and change them to manual start onstead of auto start with machine reboot.

    3)You are connected as SYS. What do you meant by you can't show up as user ? If you create a table it show up there is table you created. But, its not advised to create a table as SYS user.

    Follow the documentation and do the tasks as docs suggest.

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