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Thread: Cold Backups - Archived Logs

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    1. A dB is created and does five log switches and therefore has five archived logs
    2. The dB is shutdown and a cold backup is performed
    3. The dB is brought back up and does three more log switches and archives three more logs.
    4. The dB is shutdown and a cold backup is performed

    1. how does the DBA know what archived logs from v$log_history belong to which cold backup?

    2. Same question as #1 but this time using an RMAN repository?

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    through the file mask and format clause in rman (%s_%u...)
    it is simple to know - check the sequence# column comparing to the %s format for example.

    Cold backup has nothing to do with Oracle, it has to do with OS. Delete the archived logs when a full cold backup is made.


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