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Thread: diff between CLONING and REPLICATION?

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    Hello Guys,

    Can anyone of you tell me the difference between CLONING and REPLICATION? And would appreciate if you guys can help me finding more information on CLONING.

    Thanks in advance

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    Cloning is an operation where you manually take a copy of the database and move it to another location. The two databases do not stay in sync via automatic methods.

    Replication involves setting up two databases that are automatically kept in sync by Oracle. When a change is made in one database, it is automatically reflected in the other database. Replication is typically used in HA environments or distributed environments.
    Jeff Hunter

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    You might find the following tech note on Replication Design Setup Tips to be helpful if you plan to setup Advanced Replication:


    The following replication setup scripts could also give you a good outline to work with for your installation as well:


    Another high-availability option which you may want to consider is the setup of a standby database. A standby database does not provide instant failover capability like a replicated database installation. The standby instance needs to apply the remaining archivelog files then be brought out of recovery to become active.

    David Simpson

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