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Thread: Can't see package body

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    My DBA wants to allow me to select the information from the all_source on the production server (8.0.5), but I could only see package specification. She does not want to give me DBA privilege.

    I need this ability to solve defect without having to hunt down the meeting she is in and have her run the script for me.

    Any hints would be welcomed.


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    When you can crack the package body, you will be on to something really big. Oracle wraps the package body - you don't get to see the code underneath. You can view the spb file, and some of it will be readable, but not enough to be of any value. Why can't she give you the uncompiled package body script? This has nothing to do with DBA privileges.

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    Using the ALL_SOURCE view you can only see source you have been granted privilege on (procedures, functions and package specifications). Since no privileges are granted on the package body you will never be able to see package body source from other users via this view. What you need is for your DBA to grant you SELECT on the DBA_SOURCE view. This will allow you to see all the source for all the users. Obviously, if you are looking at Oracle supplied packages all you will see is the wrapped source.

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    Well I have a similar problem. I am using a database user that is shared by all of us here. However, they're all on XP-PC using Toad as client using ODBC and oracle client. I am running on a Mac-intel 10.5.7 using aqua data studio or JDeveloper or SQL Developer, tried them all. I use JDBC to connect. Have downloaded the latest from oracle site. I just can't see the package bodies. Only the specs and then again, even not all of them! Really strange. Our DBA has looked into it and he is as puzzled as I am. I am using a user who has full read access. Does anyone have a bright idea?

    Thanks guys.
    Kind regards

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    Is your DBA seeing the package body in dba_objects?
    How about dba_source view?
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