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Thread: export/import

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    i have a full database export dump.
    Now i want to import it into a newly created database.

    How should i go about;
    Should i create all the tablespaces in advance ?

    How abt the dictionary objects ?


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    No you need not to do any any thing just import that dmp file

    imp username/password full=y

    You have to create the database and the data dictionary else everything it will do from import file.


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    Hmmm, I don't know what version of Oracle you are running, but you may need to create the Tablespaces prior to importing. I've performed FULL imports on 8.1.6 and 8.1.7 and the process will fail on tables in which are NOT in default tablespaces. Personally, I'd be wanting to create them prior, gives you a little more control of the process. To determine which tablespaces you require, run the import with SHOW=Y, this is run a 'fake' import i.e. spool what the IMPORT process would do to the .log file you specify.
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