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Thread: JDBC thin client - osuser always 'oracle'

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    Dec 2001
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    9i, rel 2 - Solaris
    When query v$session the osuser is always 'oracle'

    Bug # 1326191 was supposedly fixed in Rel 2 but the problem still exists when selecting osuser from v$session. The bug document does not sound convincing that it is fixed.

    Has anyone been able to fix this?

    Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbcracle:thin:@", "wms_owner", "PROD-PASS");

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    Two question about this "bug".
    1) What version of JDBC thin driver u are using? From 9i Rel2 or not.
    2) Do u use connection pool or u are using single connection only.

    This problen was in 8.1.7, 8.1.7 (i don't sure about 9.0.1) and not
    fixed for connection thru connecttion pool.

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