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Thread: Oracle8.1.6 Instalation

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    An exception Msg popup during oracle8.1.6 installation on NT . (Pentium 2 500MHZ)
    Msg is :
    'MSV.CRT ....'
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    Actually, the error window is talking about not being able to find msvcrt.dll, a library file. Do a search for it on your computer. You will find it in a c:\windows\system (or system32, whatever you are using). Copy the file to where Oracle is being installed in the Program Files directory - as I recall, this file is being looked for in ...\program files\oracle\...

    Once it is there, you should be good to go. If any other dll files are missing, repeat the search and copy process. They are almost always found on your computer in some other directory not related to Oracle. For some reason, Oracle Installer gacks on these dll files once in a while.

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