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Thread: GRANT execute on sys.dbms_sql TO system with admin option;

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    Does anyone know why this statement fails with this error.

    GRANT execute on sys.dbms_sql TO system with admin option
    ORA-00993: missing GRANT keyword

    Basically what im trying to do is create a shell script to create users with execute permissions on sys.dbms_sql. I dont mind specifying the system login details in the script but i dont really want to specify the sys password

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    The error text below implies that you're missing a ";" on the prior statement in your script.

    Error: ORA 993
    Text: missing GRANT keyword
    Cause: The keyword WITH was specified at the end of a GRANT statement without
    the keyword GRANT.
    To grant privileges to a user and the permission to grant those
    privileges to another user, you must specify the keywords WITH GRANT
    OPTION at the end of the GRANT statement.
    Action: Change the keyword WITH to the keywords WITH GRANT OPTION, then retry
    the statement.
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