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Thread: Fail to Start cmctl

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    Exclamation Fail to start the connection manager.

    hi all, I've got a strange question from my client machine, yesterday I tried to reboot my client machine, so I turn off
    the connection manager and reboot the machine, but after
    the machines is restart, I cannot turn on the connection manager back, and I got a error message like below...

    TNS-04004: CMCTL: error while starting the Connection Manager Admin

    And I checked the the error code book instruction, it tells I can try to check the "whether the executable for the Connection Manager Admin (sfpadmin) exists", I tried my best, but I couldn't found any control or file called "sfpadmin",
    and I just found a control called "cmadmin". But this control is couldn't be start as well.

    so, does anyone knows how's happen, many thanks your kindness help...

    Best Regards

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    Is your gateway process running?
    Jeff Hunter
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    yes, Jeff, and I've got another client is using connection manager to connect to the server and it eorks fine. just
    the one I try to reboot encounter this error, do you have anu idea?

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