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Thread: How to calculate table size?

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    My question is how can I calculate table size with approx 12508 rows?

    (Oracle database running on Unix IBM AIX 4.3 OS)

    I am using the following sql to calculate my table_size and not sure if this method is accurate...

    sql> select blocks,extents,segment_name,segment_type from dba_segments where owner='ABC';

    I got 1679360 bytes in bytes column and 205 block value in block column. My db_block_size is set to 8192 bytes. I then multiplied

    blocks * db_block_size = 1679360 bytes.

    pctfree parameter in my table is set 10% for future updates on block level. I then subtracted 10% from 1679360 and got 1511424 bytes. Is this correct way to determine size of table?

    Can someone confirm if this procedure of calculating tablesize? Is there something I am missing.

    Thanks in advance....
    Mohammad Zahid
    Software Developer
    Database Management Applications.
    Vancouver, Canada
    E-mail: mzahid@shaw.ca

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    No, this is not the correct way to estimate table size.
    The simple method is to analyze the table take the AVG_ROW_LEN and mulitply by no. of rows.
    For more accurate method do a search on this forum there are lot of threads on this topic.


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