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Thread: ORA-12560

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    i receive this message when I try to connect from WINDOWS 95 (oracle client 8.0.5) machine to ORACLE server (UNIX). Have you some suggestions ?

    Here is TRACE FILE :

    New trace stream is "c:\temp\sqlnet.txt.trc"
    New trace level is 16
    nigini: entry
    nigini: Count in NI global area now: 1
    nigini: Count in NI global area now: 1
    nrigbi: entry
    nrigbni: entry
    nrigbni: Unable to get data from navigation file tnsnav.ora
    nrigbni: exit
    nrigbi: exit
    nigini: exit
    niqname: Using nnfsn2a() to build connect descriptor for (possibly remote) database.
    nnftboot: entry
    nnftboot: exit
    nnfoboot: entry
    nnfoboot: exit
    nnfhboot: entry
    nnfhboot: exit
    nncpmlf_make_local_addrfile: construction of local names file failed
    nncpmsf_make_sys_addrfile: system names file is d:\oracle\ora81\net80\admin\tnsnames.ora
    nncpcin_maybe_init: first request sent to name server will have ID 0
    nncpcin_maybe_init: initial retry timeout for all name servers is 1500 csecs
    nncpcin_maybe_init: max request retries per name server is 1
    nngsini_init_streams: initializing stream subsystem, cache size is 10
    nngtini_init_msg: initializing PDU subsystem, initial pool size is 2
    nncpcin_maybe_init: default name server domain is world
    nnfun2a: entry
    nnftqnm: entry
    nnfcagmd: entry
    nnfcagmd: Attempting to find metadata for type a.smd
    nnfcagmd: Attribute name a.smd is a predefined meta type, syntax is 4.
    nnfcagmd: exit
    nnfotran: Checking local tnsnames.ora file
    nnfotran: Checking local tnsnames.ora file
    nncpldf_load_addrfile: initial load of names file d:\oracle\ora81\net80\admin\tnsnames.ora
    nncpldf_load_addrfile: success
    nnftqnm: Using tnsnames.ora address (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = SLOCU1)(PORT = 1521)) (CONNECT_DATA = (SID = LOCB))) for name lorm400.world
    nnfcraa: entry
    nnfun2a: Obtaining answer records for lorm400.world
    nnftans: entry
    nnfcran: entry
    nnfcran: 64 rrs requested, 1 remaining, 1 total
    nnfcran: exit
    nnfotrv1: entry
    nnfotrv1: translated "lorm400.world" to (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = SLOCU1)(PORT = 1521)) (CONNECT_DATA = (SID = LOCB)))
    nngsdei_deinit_streams: deinit
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nngscls_close_stream: UID 0 not established, ignored
    nsbfrfl: entry
    nsbfrfl: normal exit
    (7de2) niotns: entry
    (7de2) niotns: niotns: setting up interrupt handler...
    (7de2) niotns: Not trying to enable dead connection detection.
    (7de2) nricall: entry
    (7de2) nric2a: entry
    (7de2) nric2a: Getting local community information
    (7de2) nriglp: entry
    (7de2) nriglp: Looking for local addresses setup by nrigla
    (7de2) nriglp: No addresses in the preferred address list
    (7de2) nriglp: exit
    (7de2) nric2a: TNSNAV.ORA is not present. No local communities entry.
    (7de2) nrigla: entry
    (7de2) nrigla: Getting local address information
    (7de2) nrigla: Simple address...
    (7de2) nrigla: No community component so just use straight address
    (7de2) nrigla: exit
    (7de2) nridst: entry
    (7de2) nridst: Resolving address to use to call destination or next hop
    (7de2) nridst: Found destination address
    (7de2) nridst: Local address
    (7de2) nridst: Local destination community found
    (7de2) nridst: exit
    (7de2) nric2a: This is a local community access
    (7de2) nric2a: exit
    (7de2) nricall: Got routable address information.
    (7de2) nricall: Making call with following address information: (DESCRIPTION=(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=LOCB)(CID=(PROGRAM=D:\ORACLE\ORA81\BIN\PLUS80W.EXE)(HOST=DCQ1500)(US ER=pgn)))(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=SLOCU1)(PORT=1521))).
    (7de2) nricdt: entry
    (7de2) nricdt: Calling with outgoing connect data: (DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=SLOCU1)(PORT=1521))(CONNECT_DATA=(SID=LOCB)(CID=(PROGRAM=D :\ORACLE\ORA81\BIN\PLUS80W.EXE)(HOST=DCQ1500)(USER=pgn)))).
    (7de2) nscall: entry
    (7de2) nscall: connecting...
    (7de2) nsc2addr: entry
    (7de2) nttbnd2addr: entry
    (7de2) nttbnd2addr: port resolved to 1521
    (7de2) nttbnd2addr: looking up IP addr for host: SLOCU1
    (7de2) nttbnd2addr: exit
    (7de2) nsc2addr: normal exit
    (7de2) nsopen: entry
    (7de2) nsmal: entry
    (7de2) nsmal: 400 bytes at 0xad8db0
    (7de2) nsmal: normal exit
    (7de2) nsnainconn: entry
    (7de2) nsmal: entry
    (7de2) nsmal: 1664 bytes at 0xa38588
    (7de2) nsmal: normal exit
    (7de2) nsnainconn: normal exit
    (7de2) nsopen: opening transport...
    (7de2) nttcon: entry
    (7de2) nttcon: toc = 1
    (7de2) nttcnp: entry
    (7de2) ntvlin: entry
    (7de2) ntvllt: entry
    (7de2) ntvllt: No PROTOCOL.ORA file is found
    (7de2) ntvllt: exit
    (7de2) ntvlin: exit
    (7de2) nttcnp: Validnode Table IN use; err 0x0
    (7de2) nttcnp: creating a socket.
    (7de2) nttcnp: exit
    (7de2) nttcni: entry
    (7de2) nttcni: trying to connect to socket 156.
    (7de2) ntt2err: entry
    (7de2) ntt2err: soc 156 error - operation=1, ntresnt[0]=530, ntresnt[1]=50, ntresnt[2]=0
    (7de2) ntt2err: exit
    (7de2) nttcni: exit
    (7de2) nttcon: exit
    (7de2) nserror: entry
    (7de2) nserror: nsres: id=0, op=65, ns=12560, ns2=0; nt[0]=530, nt[1]=50, nt[2]=0
    (7de2) nsopen: unable to open transport
    (7de2) nsmfr: entry
    (7de2) nsmfr: 1664 bytes at 0xa38588
    (7de2) nsmfr: normal exit
    (7de2) nsmfr: entry
    (7de2) nsmfr: 400 bytes at 0xad8db0
    (7de2) nsmfr: normal exit
    (7de2) nsopen: error exit
    (7de2) nscall: error exit
    (7de2) nricdt: Call failed.
    (7de2) nricfg: entry
    (7de2) nricfg: exit
    (7de2) nricdt: Call made to destination.
    (7de2) nricdt: exit
    (7de2) nricall: Failed to copy originating community name value binding.
    (7de2) nricall: Exiting NRICALL with following termination result: -1.
    (7de2) nricall: exit
    (7de2) nioqper: error from nricall
    (7de2) nioqper: nr err code: 12203
    (7de2) nioqper: ns main err code: 12560
    (7de2) nioqper: ns (2) err code: 0
    (7de2) nioqper: nt main err code: 530
    (7de2) nioqper: nt (2) err code: 50
    (7de2) nioqper: nt OS err code: 0
    (7de2) niqme: entry
    (7de2) niqme: reporting nr (1) error: (12203) as rdbms err (12203)
    (7de2) niqme: exit
    (7de2) niotns: Couldn't connect, returning 12203
    (7de2) nsbfrfl: entry
    (7de2) nsbfrfl: normal exit
    nigtrm: Count in the NI global area is now 0
    nrigbd: entry
    nrigbd: exit
    nigtrm: Count in the NL global area is now 0

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    Check your tnsnames.ora file? on the Win95


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