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Thread: Dr. Watson caused by jrew.exe

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    Jan 2002
    Does anyone have a workaround for using the Net8 Assistant with Oracle 8.1.7? I get a Dr. Watson error because of jrew.exe and Metalink has many many people with the same problem that Oracle has failed to provide a solution for.

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    Jan 2002
    Dr Watson is one pain in the butt,i had to reistall my sqlplus tool because everytime i issued a query with syntax error/or an error code.
    Instead of giving me the error it just vanished of the box qwith dr.watson coming in.

    I don't know how the error stack on the dr watson behaves, ie does it get appended or replaces. but my watson logfile was pretty big(10mb or so), so i backuped the log and created a new dr watson file. Now it seems to be ok!
    Maybe that's the work around.
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    Dr. Watson is simply a tool that produces a crash dump when an application fails for certain reasons. It does not cause any failures and is only launched when such failures are detected. The information produced by Dr. Watson can be used by an experienced Windows engineer to diagnose specific causes, but usually the actual cause is obvious.

    I have found that there is a faulty interraction between JREW.EXE and a component of a recent Win2K patch released by Microsoft. It is impossible for us to tell whether the culprit is Microsoft or Oracle or Sun--who produces the JREW program. Nevertheless, I have been unable to come up with a solution besides not running the Java-based components such as Net8 Assistant. Some of them, like Net8 Assistant, can be bypassed by applying all of the changes to the various files (listener.ora, sqlnet.ora, tnsnames.ora, etc.) manually--which is what we do. Any one of the companies involved might be able to fix the problem, but the real burden is on Sun to get a patch of the Java engine to Oracle.

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