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    i have an N tier application that opens dedicated connections that generally sit dormant, yet take up 135MB memory each.

    i want to kill these off after a certain period of time, but was unsuccessful doing so with the Profile of the user the application connects with. wondering if this param will help AND do i have to bounce the instance to have this take affect?

    thanks in advance!

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    Don't know if it'll actually kill the server session, but I do know that you don't have to bounce the db to reconfigure SQL*NET.

    135 mb per session... wow!
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    SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME will kill inactive connections. However, it will not kill them until the connection requests to do something.

    For example, say you have your SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME set to 10 minutes. A connection will still show up in v$session until 10 minutes has passed AND somebody tries to execute something on that connection. If the session is really idle, it could sit for days without anybody executing anything. Then when they do, they'll be pissed off because their connection died.

    Setting up shared servers would be a better use of your memory, IMHO.
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    hmmm... ok , thanks. i thought it did a tnsping back to the client connection, and if no response after a given time, signalled pmon to kill off the session and rollback any uncommited transactions.

    definitely will consider other options

    thanks again!

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    sqlnet.expire_time is useless against JDBC connections.
    why not use MTS with connection pooling , but MTS is not good for
    connections which hold session connection for a long time.

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