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Thread: DBWR Error ORA-01157

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    Nov 2001
    I have accidentally deleted a database file and Oracle crashed. The database file was for a database tablespace.

    I am trying to restart Oracle, but when it is restarting it is searching for that database file and it obviously cant find it.

    So, Oracle doesnt want to start. The errors that i am getting are:

    ORA-01157: cannot identify/lock data file 11 - see DBWR trace file

    ORA-01110: data file 11: '/usr/local/.... database file'

    How can i fix this problem. Is there a way to restore the database file ?

    What is the "DBWR trace file" ?

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    Nov 2000
    Do you have a backup? Are you running in archivelog mode?

    I am assuming you have a backup and are in archivelog mode.

    1. Restore the missing file from an old backup.
    2. Restore your archived redo logs from the old backup until now.
    2. Recover your database
    Jeff Hunter

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    You can recreate the controlfile editing out the file you deleted or you can do (in mount mode?) alter databse create datafile (the file you deleted) and do a recovery on it. This is a general idea. Check out the syntaxes.
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    ok i dont think im running a back-up. thats something im going to have to look into. thanks for letting me know.

    anyway i found my answer from another post. it worked perfectly, its in the last reply :


    btw, this forum is great i always find what i need !!

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