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Thread: ORA-03232

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    OS= Windoze NT
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    Well, I have the error as you can see, here is the problem. We have 6 developement instances and only one is getting this error from the application code.
    I checked the HASH_MULTIBLOCK_IO_COUNT for both integration test instances and they are at 0, so I can not set it any lower. The initial and next for the tablespace is 512K, yet in the other instance it is 20k and there is no problem there, strange.



    ORA-03232 unable to allocate an extent of string blocks from tablespace string

    Cause: An attempt was made to specify a HASH_MULTIBLOCK_IO_COUNT value that is greater than the tablespace's NEXT value.

    Action: Increase the value of NEXT for the tablespace using ALTER TABLESPACE DEFAULT STORAGE or decrease the value of HASH_MULTIBLOCK_IO_COUNT.

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    Since this being the Rel 2 base, it could be the bug of not displaying the tablespace name. First get the tablespace name.

    select name from sys.ts$ where ts# = ;

    One other thing is make sure that your TEMP tablespace NEXT > HASH_MULTIBLOCK_IO_COUNT

    The easiest of all is apply the patchset. If I remember correct 8.1.6 had been/ will be soon desupported.


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    Hi Hanky,
    I got the same errror as yours. Can you tell me in detail your approach to get this stuff resolved. Any help from you is appreciated.

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