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Thread: OCP 9i or 8i

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    Mar 2002

    I am preparing for OCP these days..
    Many of my friends/colleagues say you should go for 8i (5 exams) and then upgrade to 9i
    instead of directly giving 9i(4 exams)

    as there is lot of material on 8i in the market and its easy to get those exams cleared in one shot..
    Also exams are pretty much stable and 8i s/w is not changing any more so its better off with 8i..

    9i will be changing a lot in next few months and even there are no good books out in the market for 9i as of now..

    I am confused now.

    Please send ur views..May be I am able to decide somethng.


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    Jan 2002


    I'm going to get my OCP 9i. I have completed 1st one in Jan. OCP 9i only has 4 exams to do instead of 5 in 8i. It can save some efforts.

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    May 2001
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    Go for 8i. Current most databases in the industry are 806 or 817 and the knowledge you gain will be useful in your job.

    You can always upgrade with 1 exam.
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    Dec 2001
    I would go for 8i as it would take atleast two more years for the corporations to migrate their existing 8i PROD databases to 9i.

    My guess is that, right now, they might go for new 9i databases for any new projects, but for migrating a 8i to 9i, it will take a while.

    So, 8i will exist for some time. Also there are lot of materials for 8i.

    Then I would go for the 9i upgrade.

    All the best

    Sam OCP8i

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    Apr 2002
    Looks like most people recommend to go for 8i, is 8i the way to go even for those newbies trying to board the ship? Well, a little background about myself, I got laid off from a major telco a while back, I have 2 years of Unix administration experience and I am thinking of getting an OCP so that I can return to work quicker.

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    Jun 2001
    get 8i then upgrade to 9i, thats what i'm doing. Then you can put both OCP 8i and 9i in your resume instead of OCP 8i only.
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    Apr 2002


    I am assuming that a 9i OCP can work at a 8i shop, why bother to take the 8i track then? My knowledge in Oracle is really limited, it would be nice if someone can further convince me to follow the 8i track first and then upgrade to 9i.

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    Apr 2002
    My Suggestion is to go for the Oracle 9i OCP Track. Technology is changing so fast and we don’t know oracle may come up with new releases by the time you complete your certification process. If you are strict about completing the OCP in a limited timeframe, you can go for 8i and take 9i upgrade. If you want to do at your convenience, better go for 9i.

    Good Luck
    Krishna, OCP DBA 9i
    "Satyameva Jayathe" (Truth Alone Triumphs)

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    Mar 2001

    Better go for oracle 9i, the market has allready started upgrading their database to 9i Iam sure in another few months majority of them will upgrade to 9i.


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    Aug 2000
    8i is desupported 12/03 . . .

    Get 8i then take the upgrade exam. 6 exams = 2 certifications on your resume/business cards
    Oracle DBA and Developer

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