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Thread: Difference B'een storage parameter tablespace and tables

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    COuld you pl help me to answer me for the following question.
    Why we are setting following parameters in table creation(optional)?
    Next, Initial, Minextents, Maxextents and Pctincrese. Because the same parameter we are setting in Tablespace creation too,if any space difficiency for any tables in that tablespace, we can modify either Maxextents or Datafile size or others, Is that rigth. And then, at what situation we are modifying above parameters in table storage. Thank you


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    Tablespace storage parameters are the default storage for each object created into this tablespace without its own storage parameters.
    You can change a specific object parameter for different purposes:
    For exemple, if you know your table will be big, you can allocate initial and next extents bigger than tablespace defaults.
    At the object level, you can, let's say, set custom pctfree, pctused, etc... maybe one specific object will be used for different purposes than the other ones in the TBS (i.e intensive updates and inserts for ex.), you can also specify a maxextents different than the tablespace one, and so on...

    Hope it helps



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    thanks Fabien

    Bye Siva

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