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Thread: Clone Database in Windows NT/2000

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    Hi everyone,
    Here I have some queries on the clone database in windows NT or 2000.
    After I copied over all the related files including the control file generated from the trace file and had modified it to sql file. Question is when I set the ORACLE_SID =
    and I go into the svrmgrl the system couldn't find the TNS.
    or should I create the Oracle service using the oradim command before I try to run the svrmgrl to run the generated control file (SQL format).

    Will the error been solved after I created the new Oracle service ?

    Please let me know if any of you successfully perform this in NT before ?


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    You have to create the service before trying to connect to the database.



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    You are right - shadow21! I need to create the service before I can set ORACLE_SID= before I can create my control files.

    I used the command as below :

    1. oradim -new -sid -startmode auto -pfile

    2. After successfully created the service, I set ORACLE_SID=

    3. svrmgrl -> connect internal

    4. run the modified trace which had been converted to sql file.

    Thanks for the sharing.

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