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Thread: Verrrrrrrry Urgent error like ORA-1041/03113

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    hi ,
    my system is down. I am telling you the exact problem.
    After the connection is established, it is giving error
    ORA-1041:internal error :HOSTDEF extension does not exist
    ORA-03113 : end - of-file on communication channel
    why is it so?

    I try to log in as u2/u2@edp . Upto this it is ok.
    after that when I am trying to run any sql it is
    giving such problem. I rebooted the server several
    times. But no solutuon . I have also rebooted all
    the machines . No result . Then I try to do the
    same thing on the server itself. But the problem
    is same.

    The database is 8.1.6 on NT.

    Please help

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    Read this from Oracle Support :

    Problem Description
    The customer is working on a Windows NT Server version 4.0
    Service Pack 4. When they run their application they
    are getting the error:
    ORA-1041 "internal error. hostdef extension doesn't exist"

    When you look at sqlnet traces of the error the Ora-1041 is
    coming after the ora-3113. Therefore the Ora-1041 is the
    result of the ora-3113 and that is the real cause of the problem.
    What is happening is that the customer is getting an ora-3113
    (for some unknown reason) and then when the odbc/oci tries to do
    the next stmt it finds out the connection handle is gone resulting
    in the ora-1041 error.

    The sample problem may cause the following error:
    Which can be reported by the kernel with Windows NT Server
    Service Pack 4.

    Solution Description
    Windows NT Server 4.0 has a memory leak with 265 of memory on the

    Here is the workaround for the Microsoft Problem:
    Manager\Memory Management

    Add Value name UnusedFileCache, a type REG_DWORD entry, which
    has a range of 0 - 40 (Decimal).

    Shutdown and restart your Windows NT computer.

    UnusedFileCache trims unused cache based upon pool usage. The data
    value you set is the percent of the pool that can be consummed by
    unused segments before it is trimmed. The valid data values for
    UnusedFileCache are:

    Value M e a n i n g
    0 The deafult behavior, simiar to Windows NT 4.0 with
    Service Pack 3 installed.
    5 Most agressive trimming of the working set.
    40 Least agressive trimming of the working set.
    15 through 20 seems to be a nice balance and appears
    to increase performance of some apps, including IIS.

    The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.

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    If there are no errors in the alert.log or trace files in the user_dump_dest directory, then it would appear to be related either to a networking problem or perhaps something specific to the ODBC connection. You should check the networking logs for any information.
    The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.

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    try to ping to ur database using tnsping .
    Also check ur sqlnet.log file.


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