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Thread: Connect Internal desupported

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    What's the difference between "CONNECT INTERNAL" and "CONNECT / AS SYSDBA"? Oracle says CONNECT INTERNAL will not be supported starting 8i Release 8.2 and all CONNECT INTERNAL should be replaced with, eg. CONNECT / AS SYSDBA.

    How is using CONNECT / AS SYSDBA safer than CONNECT INTERNAL?


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    A user connected " SYS As SYSDBA" has the same capabilities as a user connected as INTERNAL. Connecting as internal is not recommended since the account has complete access to THE 'REAL' Data Dictionary (default value of Init parameter 07_DICTIONARY ACCESSIBILITY is set to True in Oracle 8i).
    Oracle recommends setting the parameter 07_DICTIONARY ACCESSIBILITY to false and connecting as 'CONNECT USER AS SYSDBA' to avoid casual access to 'real' SYS owned Data Dictionary. In Oracle 9i, the default value for this parameter is false.

    Raminder Singh

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    sqlplus "/ as sysdba"
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