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Thread: Problem with select * from schema.tab accessibility!!!

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    Hi all!

    Working on Oracle v8i with OS as NT!

    I have this problem while creating the following as under:

    From Balaji login,I had granted the following privileges to user amitst as under:

    SQL> grant select,insert,update,delete on tab to amitst;

    Grant succeeded.

    Say for instance,I from my login(amitst) would like to view all the tables of BALAJI as under:

    SQL> conn amitst/amitst@biac
    SQL> select * from balaji.tab;
    select * from balaji.tab
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-00942: table or view does not exist


    First of all,is the above procedure possible in Oracle!

    Why is the above command not accepted successfully!

    Could you please focus upon the area as to where I had gone wrong!

    Thanks & Regards,


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    Feb 2000
    TAB is not a TABLE but is a dictionary VIEW owned by sys. And the definition of that view is
    select o.name, decode(o.type#,2, 'TABLE',3, 'CLUSTER',4, 'VIEW', 5, 'SYNONYM'), t.tab#
    from  sys.tab$ t, sys.obj$ o  
    where o.owner# = userenv('SCHEMAID')  
      and o.type# >=2
      and o.type# <=5
      and o.linkname is null
      and o.obj# = t.obj# (+)

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    Assuming that "tab" is your abbreviation for table_name i would suggest this.
    Verify yourself in SQL with the SHOW USER command.
    Make sure you are logged in with the right ID each time.
    Also make sure you are in the correct instance.

    I remember when this place was cool.

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