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Thread: import from 8i to 7

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    I've read from the oracle 8i docs that import utility can downgrade 8i to 7. Does this mean I can import file to Oracle 7 exported from Oracle 8i? I tried importing but i got the ff
    IMP-00069: Could not convert to environment national character set's handle
    IMP-00021: operating system error - error code (dec 2, hex 0x2)
    IMP-00000: Import terminated unsuccessfully

    I exported it from NT (8i) to Unix (7.3.4).

    Thanks for your support,

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    you can do that but :
    1) you must export with the oracle v7 exp, and import with the oracle v7 imp (if you export with 8i exp, it won't work)
    2) you must not forget to ftp in binary mode, else your dump won't be usable under Unix

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    Import Matrix

    For export you have to use the lowest version of export utility(in yous case 7x)
    For import you have to use a version of import utility that is equal to version of target database
    From 8.1.7 to 7.3.4 => Only if never run before, first run CATEXP7.SQL on the 8.1.7 database in order to create the Oracle7 data dictionary views; then use the EXPORT 7.3.4 to export the data from the 8.1.7 database and IMPORT 7.3.4 to import the data into the 7.3.4 database.

    See other opinion...
    Lot of luck...

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    Thanks everyone, I found the catexp7.sql , I hope this will do
    the trick. BTW, i want to import also my 8i data to 8.0.5 DB but
    i can't find catexp80.sql. Is there such a file?

    Thanks again,

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