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Thread: redo log files lost

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    i am stuck.
    my database goes till mount stage & does not open.
    gives the above error!!
    actually , i added three members & one log group.something happened & i decided to delete them.i deleted them from win NT explorer manually,all of them .the mistake i did that i didn't do any log switch before deleting them.
    now what i did...............................
    i was able to delete the group from oracle that i had created.now came the turn of my redog members.it will delete all other members except the one which is current.it doesn't accept my switch logfile command for the current member as the database is not open.
    i don't want to create a new database unless it becomes very necessary as i want to learn from this senario.

    please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thanks a lot

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    Saskatoon, SK, Canada

    Life is a journey, not a destination!

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    Well, that is the most useless reply I have EVER seen!

    Anyone can find that - the user here has a problem and is seeking help!


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    Leila, probably you are right, - though I'seen here links that were dangerous - but reading that stuff really solve the problem. At least theoretically. What do you expect for a solution?
    IF "the user" really needs a precise solution, not some ideas or some workaround, then you have to agree that the user have to add some details, isn't it? Like, for instance, the precise facts, epically, cronologically: what did he do and in what order. Maybe the situation is not that bad, in the end...

    (Oh, talking here, I like your homepage...)
    ovidius over!

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    u should provide some more details like
    is your database is archivelog mode ????
    r u able to start in mount stage.

    if u could then

    startup mount
    use v$logfile and v$log to find out which file is invalid and depending on that recover the database.

    give more details
    Santosh Jadhav
    8i OCP DBA

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    sams, if you do not provide some details, we could not help you...
    ovidius over!

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    Originally posted by leila
    Well, that is the most useless reply I have EVER seen!

    Anyone can find that - the user here has a problem and is seeking help!

    Let's see when sams asked help. Three months ago.
    Since he/she haven't seek any further help I doubt any discussion about the topic is useful.
    As well as exhumation of dead threads.

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