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    Can someone tell me the difference between V$ARCHIVED_LOG and V$LOG_HISTORY? They seem to contain different information but I am not sure the differences are.

    Also, I've got this question from my friend:

    Why would you query V$ARCHIVED_LOG?

    A) To view the current Archive log
    B) To display archives that have been backed up

    Ans: B

    So this means V$ARCHIVED_LOG ONLY contains archived logs that have been backed up?


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    V$ARCHIVED_LOG: New. from Oracle version8.
    This view displays archived log information from the control file including archive log names. An archive log record is inserted after the online redo log is successfully archived or cleared (name column is NULL if the log was cleared). If the log is archived twice, there will be two archived log records with the same THREAD#, SEQUENCE#, and FIRST_CHANGE#, but with a different name. An archive log record is also inserted when an archive log is restored from a backup set or a copy and whenever a copy of a log is made with the RMAN copy command.

    V$LOG_HISTORY: This view keeps record of the range of SCN in each archived redo log file.

    Niether of the answer is true.
    a. It doesn't contain any information about the current redo log. For current redo log look into V$LOG.
    b. It doesn't show which archived redo log has been backed up instead it shows which online redo log has been archived.


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