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Thread: System tablespace 99.99% used!Urgent!

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    Feb 2001
    Hi all!

    I have a problem:

    Working on Oracle v8i with OS as NT!

    1.To-day when I saw my tablespaces status on DBA Studio,
    I noticed the following:

    size:245.500 m
    used:245.375 m
    used %:99.95%.

    b.Tablespace:BIAC(for users).
    size:370.000 m
    used:352.656 m
    used %:95.31%.

    c.Tablespace:USERS consists of two data Files.
    used %:56.5% for datafile01.dbf
    used%:0.9% for datafile02.dbf

    Now please tell me as to whether could I increase the System tablespace by adding another datafile(with autoextend feature on) as of now the system tablespace consists of just one datafile and is nearing 100% completion.

    Is Autoextend on recommended on the system tablespace like that of users tablespace.

    Earlier i had two users named X and Y both having their default tablespaces BIAC as above and temporary tablespaces TEMP.

    Now I have changed the above two users default tablespaces to USERS as there ain't enough spaces left on
    BIAC tablespace.

    What impact would this create on the DB!

    Please reply fast with precautionary steps!

    Looking for your reply!

    Take care.


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    Nov 2000
    Turn autoextend on for all your tablespaces. It is a heck of a lot easier adding a datafile than dropping a datafile that has been misallocated.
    Jeff Hunter

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    New Year Greetings,

    1. The system tablesapce usage should not increase in first place. To avoid any downtime resize the SYSTEM TB datafile and to the foolwing checks..
    - Check none of the users have SYSTEM as default tablespace except SYS and SYSTEM.
    - Check for any user objects on SYSTEM tablespace. If there, move them to another tablespace.

    2. Changing the default tablespace wouldn't solve the problem if the tables already created in your BIAC tablesapce are expanding. Add a datafile or resize the existing datafile of the BIAC tablespace.

    Have fun..

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