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Thread: exp and imp utilities on Oracle server with 2 version

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    Aug 2001
    If I have Oracle and Oracle running on the same box. It's Windows 2000 server

    When I tried to exp the 8.1.6 database, Oracle will use the 8.1.7 exp utility to exp the database and it will be errors out. It there any way for us to force ORacle using Oracle 8.1.6 exp utility to export the 8.1.6 database ???

    How do we work around this if we have to Oracle home on the same box and we try to exp/imp right on that box ????

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    You should have multiple versions a dir above your oracle_home dir.
    /u001/app/oracle/product/8.0.4 ->cd ..
    /u001/app/oracle/product ->ls
    7.3.4 8.0.4 8.0.4.np 8.0.5 8.0.6
    /u001/app/oracle/product ->

    You want to point to that versions oracle_home so the exp uses that version of the executable. Can't you log onto the 8.1.6 sid and point the export to the 8.1.7 sid.

    EXP my_id@target_sid parfile=yo_mama.par

    I've done this before but they were on seperate boxes.


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    Mismatch of platforms

    The easiest way of forcing oracle to use the 8.1.6 export utility would be to :

    either change to the 8.1.6 home/bin directory and execute the command, or

    set the path such that oracle sees the 8.1.6 version of exp first.

    Anybody know of a "which" equivalent in Win platforms ?


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    Just give a whole path to export utulity, such as
    d:\oracle\ora816\bin\exp.exe system/manager@db parfile=myfile.
    I do not know how to associate database with oracle_home on NT.
    One, who thinks that the other one who thinks that know and does not know, does not know either!

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    Thank you all

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