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Thread: Number of sessions exceeded problem

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    The problem was that normal users could not connect to the database, their clients hanged up, but I could connect using SYSTEM or SYS. After a while Oracle reported the message Max. number of sessions exceeded to the clients that were trying to connect. The actual sessions (from V$SESSION) were 211 but the p[arameter SESSIONS was 283, the parameter PROCESSES was 256. The database is configured for dedicated server processes not MTS. What is the problem? maybe there is some other parametrer that affects the max sessions?

    All teh users use DEFAULT profile which has UNLIMITED number of sessions per user.

    We are using Oracle v7.3.4 on Digital UNIX.


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    Check the parameter

    Raminder Singh

    Oracle Certified DBA: Oracle 8i, 9i

    Mail me at raminderahluwalia@rediffmail.com.

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