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Thread: Peculiar Export Error

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    I am shifting my database which is currently running on windows NT server 4.0 to another machine with the same OS but a better configuration(more RAM and higher CPU speed).

    (My current and new Oracle version are the same and i am using the same CD to do the installation)

    While installing database(Oracle8i version 8.1.5) on my new server i chose custom installation and did not opt for creating a database while the installation process. After the installation was over i created a database using the DBA assistant , keeping the location of control files , redo logs and database files the same as my current installation. Then i took full database export from my current installation and imported the dump into the new database. The export and import both completed successfully.

    After that i copied the init.ora file of the current installation to the new installation and restarted the database from services option in the NT Control Panel.

    The service started successfully but when i tried to connect to oracle through SQL*PLUS i was not able to connect and it gave an error "Shutdown or initialization in progress".
    By trial and error i tried to change the parameters in the init.ora of the new installation and when i changed the "compatible" parameter to "8.1.0" the database started successfully.

    Now my problem is that when i am trying to take an full database export of new database i am getting the following error:

    EXP-00008: ORACLE error 904 encountered
    ORA-00904: invalid column name
    EXP-00000: Export terminated unsuccessfully

    I have run catexp.sql,catproc.sql and catalog.sql but i am still getting the error.
    I am able to take export from exp80.exe(Oracle 8.0.4) but i am not able to take export using exp.exe(Oracle8i 8.1.5)
    please advise. Any help will be welcome. Thanx in advance.

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    After the export and import, did you run the catproc and catlog scripts? Did you check your tnsnames.ora and listener.ora files configured properly?


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    u installed 8.1.5.
    created new database.
    imported the data exported from current database.
    when trying export on new it is failing...
    is it so.. i am bit confused..

    and u say that exp80 is doing the export where from you got that on 8.1.5 new database?

    another Q is u are able to use connect string to get into database from sql plus and as also export utility?

    I think there is some compatibility problem.
    try to re run all the scripts catalog, catproc,catexp etc.,


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