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Thread: Parallel Query

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    I have a sun box with 6 cpu . I would like to use the parallel query option for my queries. From the banner I dont see
    "With Parallel Query" option specified.
    What do I have to do to use parallel query in my sql?
    Also do I have to specify a hint to make use of parallel query?


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    You will need to install that database option from the installation CD or whatever.
    Run the installer and find the parallel query option and install that.

    Once you have that setup, you need modify the init.ora file to include sufficient parallel query servers so you can use all 6 CPUs. Have a read of the doco on parallel query.
    Bounce the database to get those changes and run a test to see whether you can use parallel query (using hint below). You should see processes (on Unix) called ora_pxxx or something similar which will indicate that parallel query processes are available and possibly in use.

    Unless you make you tables /partitions parallel at creation you will need to hint to use parallel queries.
    /*+ PARALLEL(degree n) */
    again the doco is pretty good in this area. Look under the chapter on TUNING.

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    Check the following two parameters are set in teh init.ora parameter file.


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    Thanks A Lot!

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