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Thread: Oracle on Red Hat Linux 7.1

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    I'm trying to install Oracle8i on Red Hat Linux 7.1. From the install requirements I need at least 256 RAM and 400 Swap. But... I have only 64 RAM and 128 Swap. Is there a way to tweak these system resources to install oracle - maybe increase only swap? It is not a production server, just development.

    Thank you.

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    well 64M of RAM is really not much, and Oracle consumes a lot of rsssources, but if it's only for a testinf purpose, I guess you'll configure a small SGA ...
    to answer your question : these are just requirements, Oracle install will not fail because of your RAM and swap settings, the thing is just that you could have poor performances

    PS : I STRONGLY reccomend you not to install Java !!!

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    Hi Pipo,

    Ok, then maybe you could help me find the reason install fails.
    I followed all prep steps - created three oracle groups, oracle user, set all required variables in bash_profile, but when login as oracle user and start ./runInstaller I get a message smth like initializing java runtime..., and then in a moment i get linux prompt again... no error message to indicate why it failed.
    could it be because of incorrect bash_profile envvariables settings, or there's another reason?

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