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Thread: new job big problem

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    hi guys. Can anyone of you tell me what should be the daily charter/routine for an Oracle DBA
    It's easy as long as you are on the RIGHT Track of MIND...

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    daily tasks? read up your oracle books and prepare for your OCP tests!!!

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    I personnaly never had OCP tests, and I will never since having a certification has never been a proof of you knowing anything about Oracle ... moreover I am in France, and people here give more importance to what you can do than to your certifications ... a bon entendeur salut !

    your daily tasks should be :

    1) check that every object which could grow can allocate a next extent in your instances

    2) check that you have enough space left on devices if you use autoextend (which is not good in my opinion)

    3) check alert files for errors, mainly search for ORA-00600

    4) but do not bother too much with all of that stuff from points 1,2 & 3 since you can esaily automate it, and anyway you'll get enough activity with users having problems !!

    5) if you really have time, you can test features you don't know, or come here and see what problems other people have around the world

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    Originally posted by pipo
    I am in France, and people here give more importance to what you can do than to your certifications ...
    That's true. And it is so not only in France but all over Europe.

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    Hello all

    I think pipo has made the point .the last point is the most crucial ( although it sounds trivial) but comming to dba support.com everyday you will know what kinda of problems do dba 's afce everyday...some problems are trivial some are............very tricky some moderate........try to review all the past posts here you will know what i mean


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    I would just add a thing to what pipo (and the other ones) said:

    If it applies to your job, have constant contacts with the developpers and help them, share knowledge with them and your team. If you can, spend time with them to explain them the basics, and gain experience from them and their job specificity.
    For me, being a dba is not only being a 'database monster', but be able to understand what other people want from you and your databases!
    It's a long term investment, but it's really worthwhile!



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    As far as me is concerned..for past 4 months .my job as a DB programmer(and i feel the same routine exists for ther DBA's of my company 2 )....is to
    1>come to the office at 9:00
    2:check fotr the table spaces
    3>Check if there exists any lost connections from there web server.
    4>As system in no archive log mode...take backup 1ce a week...as no real inserts exists without my knowledge..(wow i feel proud of myself :d)
    and by 10..i am ready to sleep..if i was allowed to at the work place

    Well as long the system doesn't crash...i dont think we do have WORK load on us a lot....

    And i am really looking out to crash my system to get a real time practical knowledge of what we call "the database recovery"....else i feel atleast my work is....leisureeee

    wow wat a life!!!!

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    Do a search on this forum (It is on the top blue pannel display) and you would find a number of advices.


    Life is a journey, not a destination!

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