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Thread: 11i and Web Listener

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    Web Stack and 11i

    I have upgraded from 10.7 to 11i and need some information about how the middle tier works!

    11i has the following components involved in handling the middle tier:

    1. Apps Listener
    2. Apache Listener
    3. Concurrent Manager
    4. DB Listener
    5. Forms Metric Servers
    6. Form Server Listener
    7. TCF server
    8. Reports Server
    9. WebDB Listener (2.5)
    10. WebDb Listener (2.2)

    Could anyone explain to me how Apache and Oracle (actually any of these pieces ) work together.

    When I used to run NCA I was able to point to //hostname:8888 to configure the web listeners etc. But now that Apache is in the mix I can't find any Oracle Web Applications configuration front end.

    Any information on how all of those products work together would be great. I have read the following documents, but they don't go into too much detail on how everything works together.

    11i Concepts Guide
    11i System Admin Guide

    Any information would a big help.

    I can navigate through most of it, but I'm looking for a very high level explanation of how everything works together. I talked with staff at Oracle and they didn't give me a lot of information about how iAs, Apache, etc worked together.


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    understanding the virtual directory structure used by 11i was today's lesson for me. Rather than use Oracle Web Server front end's. 11i relies on you to tweak with the httpds.conf and the apps.conf file. I'm building an 11i Web Stack FAQ as I go along and will share it whenever I uncover something I didn't think was clear enough from the documentation.

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    Essenetially Apache is a web slistener that services requests from clients launching the web browser. The basic file that governs the apacahe setiings is httpd.conf.

    The middle-tier communicates with the db-tier through SQL*Net. If the call is for a static object like a form Apache knows where to pick the object based on the directieves set in the httpd.conf file. On the other hand if needs to make a call to DB (sql statement or Proc) it will forward the call usind the DAD information.

    Hope this helps you understand the picture better.

    Balaji K.

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