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Thread: Problem deleting 2 Oracle folders from my laptop?

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    Hi everyone,

    I feel very silly asking this quetion but I need help. I recently inherited a laptop from a former coworker, there are 2 folders on the C drive (OraNT and Oracle) that I would like to delete but have not been able to. Everytime I tried to delete OraNT I get this error :
    "Core35.dll - Access is denied"
    and for Oracle I get this:
    "OCIW32.dll - Access is denied"

    I checked the Registry and there is nothing name ORACLE in the registry, I am not an Oracle DBA or Developer so I am kind of stuck here. My Network Administrator can't seem to figure it out, I read up on the Oracle Documentation but cant seem to find anything on it. Can someone please help me out? TIA

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    Go in as an admin, change the oracle user password, loging as oracle and try deleteing it. If that doesn't work, login as an admin and you for suer be able to delete that folder.


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    Also, check your services (control panel). If there is an Orcle service running, stop it, set to manual start. Try deleting the directory, if it still won't delete you may need to reboot the machine to clear the connection to the files. Then try deleting again.

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