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Thread: V$session Help

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    Dear Friends..

    I am checking thorugh V$session, that which user is connecting with our application, but i am unable to check which SQL command that particular user is using.

    Can anybody will advise, how can we check it.

    Thanks in advance.


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    just make a join between v$session.sql_address and v$sqlarea.address, and get sql_text
    from v$sqlarea

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    rem Name: Xsqluser.sql - SQLText executing now per user
    rem Date: 08-may-2001
    rem Note: Select is on "users_executing >0" ; only active statements.

    set pages 100 feed OFF wrap on linesize 100
    col SID for 999
    col buffer_gets for 99999999999 head 'Buffer|reads'
    col users_executing for 999 head 'Exec|now'
    col executions for 999999 head 'Execs'
    col rows_processed for 999999 head 'rows|procesd'
    col firstload head 'First|load'
    col username for A10 head Username word_wrap
    col sql_text for A40

    select S.SID
    ,substr(A.first_load_time,12,8) Firstload
    from v$SQLAREA A
    ,v$SESSION S
    where A.address = S.sql_address
    and S.username = &username
    order by users_executing,first_load_time
    J.Jongman - DBA

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