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Thread: Doubt in Solaris

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    Dear friends,

    I need one help in solaris. Any one can explain about System Concepts, OpenBoot PROM, NVRAM, Patches & Different type of Solaris installations (like Diskless, Entire distribution, Entire distribution plus OEM). What is stand for OEM? Please help me boss. I am totaly aware from hardware side.


    With Regards


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    Hi Ram,

    I can tell you one thing

    OEM -> Original equipment manfacuterers


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    Oracle Enterprise Manager .

    Listen to the guy before me.

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    well ... these are completely different things !!!
    I guess you should find a website or a book on Sun administration, you'd get all the answers to these questions clearer than I'll do ... well anyway :

    PROM just means Programmable ROM.

    Every Sun 3/80, sun4c, sun4u, and sun4m architecture machine contains an NVRAM chip (not to be confused with the NVRAM in Prestoserve). This NVRAM chip stores various configuration parameters (e.g. boot device, amount of RAM to test), maintains the clock, and also contains the IDPROM data, which is composed of the ethernet address, date of manufacture, hostid, a version number, and a checksum.

    The name IDPROM is historical. On older machines such as the sun2, sun3, and sun4 architecture machines the hostid and ethernet address were stored in a PROM called the IDPROM.

    Patches are modifications to some part of the kernel or applications so a bug is corrected or a feature is added.

    Different types of installation :
    diskless means that you have no HD on your client box (must use network to get root FS info)
    entire just means entire (wow !!)
    & OEM is just what santoshym told you

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    Thumbs up Doubt in Solaris

    Dear friends,

    Thanks a lot for your help. I got some idea now.
    More thanks to Pipo and Santhosh.



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