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Thread: Stupid NT Oracle error

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    When rebooting the server and going to services and manually starting the oracle database (by starting the service).

    On logging into the database I am greeted with

    ORA-27101 shared memory realm does not exist

    Anyone know why this is?

    All the correct services are running, i'm sure of it.

    (Oracle 8.1.7)

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    I've seen that error when the init.ora is incorrectly configured. Are you trying to set up standby database and working on redo log destinations?
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    Simply put - When booting up the server.

    The service OracleSeviceSID is not started manually.

    I start this service thinking this is starting the database.

    If I was to go into the Server Manager, connect as internal and issue the startup command. This works fine.

    I am thinking the init.ora file is ok.

    It seems that the database is shutdown overnight for the backups and won't restart. Every morning I come in and I reboot the server and startup the database via server manager.

    I just thought that starting the service would also do the same job.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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    maybe there is smothing wrong with the service , recreat it using oradim.exe
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    So you do agree that starting the service should in effect start and open the database .

    I will suggest they recreate the service.

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    I have since found out that starting the service IS NOT the same as starting the database.

    Starting the service is the equilavent of creating the instance. You must start the database after starting the service.

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    with NT, instance and services ARE different !!!
    for example, when you start your database, you should use something like :
    oradim80 -startup -sid ... -usrpwd ... -starttype srvc,inst -pfile ...
    where you specify that you start the service, then the instance

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    Ok, thankyou.

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