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Thread: installing solaris

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    can any one tell me how to install solaris on my machine
    pentium 3, ram 128, harddisk 20mb.

    i am well versed in installing on win2000.

    what configurations are needed for machine installing solaris ?

    any help will be great

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    20MB of Hard disk space is not enough.Installation is pretty
    simple insert the Solaris CD and boot from the CD it will take you thru screens which are easy to understand and continue.


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    "Easy" being a relative term. If you know the answers to the questions, it's easy. But, if you have no idea what a domain is or what your IP address is, it will be a little more difficult...
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    Hi, 30th July 2001 22:08 hrs chennai

    You need 64 Mb of Ram Min Plus 1 GB of HDD space for the installation.The HDisk space depends upon what type of installtion you do ?

    Are you planning solstice suite for the same ?

    Which version of solaris 7 or 8. ?

    The installation of 7 as so easy i can explain step by step if you could let me know whether you need 7 or 8 installtion ?


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    Requirements for solaris installation

    Intel /Sparc system,
    1.0 gb hdd,
    at least 64 mb ram,
    cd rom drive

    Also u need device configuration assistant floppy for solaris 7 installtion.
    first boot the system from solaris device config assistant floppy and also insert solaris cd in to cdrom drive.

    Installtaion is easy. there are four type of installtaion for solaris
    (1) Suninstall
    (2) solaris webstart
    (3) Jumpstart

    First two methods r easy to install solaris for begineers.
    they asked u for following.

    networked ?
    nis/nis +
    date,time and region
    disk layout (ucan choose auto layout )


    additional information can be found on http://docs.sun.com

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    I saw you try to install solaris on a pentium. I guess that must be Solaris for Intel. In this case were did you find Oracle for Solaris Intel? Can you point me on that direction?

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    If you want an O/S for Intel then you should just install Linux. Its easier.

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    Thanks for all your help regarding installing solaris.
    sorry...my hard disk space is 20gb not 20 mb.

    I am new to this O.sys,shall i install 7 or 8 for learning purposes.
    padmam, could you please let me know exacat steps for installing solaris 8 or is it same as kuckoo mentioned.

    hey jeff hunter one could not join dbasupport forum withot knowing basic things like domain or ip address.is there any other diffculties in installing solaris ? your help will be very good.


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    Dear Mercy, 31st July 2001 20:08 hrs chennai

    Kuckoo's steps are crisp and enough since you feel confident and thats what more required.

    You have not mentioned your system Memory.

    I will suggest you with solaris 7 installation since you are new to it.I was also like you before a 4 months back now slowly crawling to feel the power of solaris on server side.

    Before proceeding i want to know whether you want to install
    dual o/s i.e win2000 with solaris on same system.

    Since its going to be learning process try with dual installation.

    Here goes steps if you paln for Dual o/s on same system.

    i.Boot the system with win95 or 98 boot floppy

    ii.Go to boot up sequence in set up set from boot from floppy.Quit.

    iii.type fdisk===>choose N or Y (read it)

    iv.Remove the existing partitions and create a new partitions as Primary DOS partition 2000MB(exact) and extended DOS partition of 6000MB(exact).Automatically logical drives are created so divide all in to equal 3 Logical drives of size 2000MB each.

    v.Format all the drives i.e c:,d:, e: and f: and copy system file to c:===>sys c: from a:

    Note:Solaris should be the first installation and followed by win2000.The reason for insisting a partition size not above 8GB is you may later have problem while installing eventhough that can be handled well inside.Initially as far as i have seen is not accepting a partition size of more than 8GB on Intel system.

    The logical drives created based on the extended partition is on which solaris is going to sit on.Dont worry about the 12 GB of HD space which after installation of Win2000 can be recognized through

    windows start up==>Administrative tool==>Computer Management==>storage==>Disk Management

    vi.Now boot from solaris boot floppy and in CD ROM insert the Solaris 7 CD.Dont worry about boot up sequence to be set at CD-ROM, let it be Floopy drive as previously said above.

    vii.Now the solaris installtion will run for around 60-90 minutes time.During the process it will identify your system components and if required you can change default values some of them like mouse etc.Which are very very simple.

    Here you will find lot of things what kuckoo was telling choose suninstall and proceed.

    Note:Give proper port for mouse while installing.
    Choose during the installtion the solaris partition the 6GB of HD space.

    And while installtion you may find lot of things which may not have been mentioned here which should be interesting for you to guess and evaluate based on your exp to choose and you can do that easily.

    viii.Yes now it will ask for pwd for root and it will prompt twice for confirmation.You can also set the same after log on .

    ix.yes atlast you have seen the solaris CDE on your screen.Try to open "console" and play round .

    x.Now come out from solaris by issuing init 0(shutdown) or init 6 for rebooting.

    xi.Now boot the win boot floopy once again and by typing fdisk you can go to view the partitions.

    xii.Now you can see only 2 partitions one Pri Dos part and another Non-Dos partion which is nothing but logical drives on which solaris has installed.

    xiii.Now change the Non-Dos Partition ACTIVE to Prim Dos Partition as active.

    xiv.Now change the boot up sequence from CDROM(instead of Floppy) insert the win2000 cd into CD Rom drive and complete the installtion.

    Once again after the win2000 successfull installation boot from win boot floppy change the ACTIVE partition to Non Dos Partition so that BIG DOS screen will appear on which you can choose whether you want to log on to Win2000(normally option ==>1) or solaris(option==> 2).

    Default it will go to solaris after less than a minute.

    You can also install 4 o/s say sun solaris ,Linux,Win2000 and win98 or 95 on the same system but the seq will little bit change.

    Finish this and if interested i can you help you on that too.

    Still you have a doubt feel free to raise your doubts in this thread.



    Attitude:Attack every problem with enthusiasam ...as if your survival depends upon it

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    Dear padmam,i cannot get better response then yours from any forum.
    exacatly i am looking for dual installation ..both w2k and solaris.
    Thanks a million for making the steps clear.

    i am in the process of making into solaris certification.

    My system's Ram is 128 Mb and 2HD total 30Gb, i think this is sufficient to install all ..win2k,solaris and linux.

    i think installing linux also will be in the same theory.
    I will conform soon after installation.

    can you make what good books are available for solaris in india
    i mean advanced books to master solaris concepts.

    once again thanks.

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