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Thread: D2k install on Windows NT !!

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    hi Guys,
    Is there any way of installing Developer2000 (R2.1) on the same machine where The server software (Oracle 8.0.3) is installed (In case of Windows NT).
    I have installed the Oracle server software on Windows NT on my PC,(folder E:\orant\ ) but the moment i run the intaller for D2k, it stops in between. And at the end of it, i am unable to start the database either, it gives the message " cannot connect etc...".
    During D2k install, It picks up the default installation location as E:\orant\. And after messing up the install once, i got NT reinstalled and tried the stunt again, this time trying another folder,say E:\d2k\, but here the installer issues a warning saying some products will not work etc....
    I am new to Oracle on NT, having worked for over 2 years on Oracle on Unixware.
    Please help, for it is very frustrating, when none of the parameters are set by you, and windows registry is an unknown entity .
    Thanks in advance

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    I ahvent installed D2k .but you can do this select a different home for d2k when you are prompted by the installler for a home........just make sure that this home is different from the oracle home so that the d2k install doesnt screw up your database.


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    I agree - make sure the homes are seperate and all should be fine. The one thing that you may have forgotten to do is to update the tnsnames.ora under the d2k network/admin. Its the one think I always seemto forget and then scratch my head going 'huh' when I cant connect...

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    Yeap...Its true...

    See to it that the D2K is always installed with a different home...

    Also, in the registry setting try to change the default home as well as D2K overwrites the setting and makes the current installation D2k folder as its home directory...

    The better way (if u r planning to install it rite from the scratch) is to first install the D2K and then go ahead with the Server Installation...

    Last entire week i was banging my head over this problem when we planned to install the D2K runtime s/w in the server on NT and finall made a mess out of it and saw that the listener and home settings in the registry being overwritten.

    Also, as bmycroft has said, see the tnsnames.ora file to check whether its being overwritten if have installed D2K over the server installation.

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