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Thread: Tablespace Monitoring

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    Hi Oracle Experts.

    I am using oracle 7. Are there any readymade scripts to verify/monitor the tablespaces that will run out of space or the extents are less than 5% or 10%.

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    Hi there,
    ok, here are a few thingsto check. There are loads of scripts out there, including some on this site...

    Segments that cant allocate next extents....

    SELECT a.owner as "Owner",
    a.tablespace_name as "Tspace",
    a.segment_name as "Segment",
    a.next_extent/1024 "Next(k)",
    a.pct_increase "%inc"
    FROM sys.dba_segments a
    WHERE next_extent > (SELECT MAX(b.bytes)
    FROM sys.dba_free_space b
    WHERE a.tablespace_name = b.tablespace_name)

    Segments within 10 of MAXEXTENTS

    SELECT substr(owner,1,20) as "Owner",
    substr(tablespace_name,1,20) as "Tablespace",
    SUBSTR(segment_name, 1, 20) as "Table",
    extents "Extents",
    max_extents "Max Extents"
    FROM sys.dba_segments
    WHERE (max_extents - extents) < 10
    AND owner NOT LIKE 'SYS%'

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