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Thread: gh-chunks kernel parameter setting (unix experts)

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    Hi there,

    OS: Compaq Tru64 Unix (V4.0D)
    Database: Oracle 7.3.4

    I am getting the following error while running one pl/sql package.

    ORA-07324: smpall: malloc error while allocating pga.
    Digital Unix Error: 12: Not enough space
    14013A code=-4030 msg=ORA-04030: out of process memory when trying to allocate 32 bytes (PLS non-lib hp,DBE buffer)
    ORA-07324: smpall: malloc error while allocating pga.
    Digital Unix Error: 12: Not enough space

    I called Oracle and they asked me to increase the value of gh-chunks kernel parameters. Initially it was 0 I set it to 64 and rebooted the server. I couldn't start the Oracle instance and got the following error. Then I tried with value 32 but got the same error.. (right now I have set it back to 0)

    SVRMGR> connect internal
    Connected to an idle instance.
    SVRMGR> startup
    ORA-07306: sms1sg: shmget error, unable to get a shared memory segment.
    Digital Unix Error: 12: Not enough space
    Additional information: 1

    I also called Compaq regarding this. Now Oracle and Compaq throwing the ball to each other and I am not getting any solution.

    Can somebody explain me how to decide the value of gh-chunks for digital(compaq) unix?

    My undersating is this parameters is no of 4MB blocks reserved for shared memory. Does it mean that entire SGA should fit in this or it can be less than the SGA size.

    I really looking for some solutions/hints to move on and appreciate all help.


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    Hi Sanjay,
    I don't know much about gh-chunks but can you increase your swap space on the Unix boxes
    Check user memory limits and swap space. If these are too low you may get the above error.


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