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Thread: Oracle Reports

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    Hi Everyone,

    I have some basic questions about Oracle Reports.

    1. Oracle Reports consists of Reports Developer(shipped
    with iDS) and Reports Server/Services(shipped with
    9iAS). Do I have to get them all, or Reports Developer
    and Reports Server can work independently?

    2. In order to make Oracle Reports more convenient and
    secure, Oracle WebDB and Oracle Portal are invovled. I
    can find Portal, but how can I get WebDB? Is it packed with
    another product? I cannot find WebDB from Oracle Downloads.

    3. We are running Oracle 8i database(8.1.7) on SUN Solaris.
    Now I am evaluating the possibility to integrate Oracle Reports
    into our web application. As so many things (Reports Developer, Reports server, WebDB, Portal, ...) involved, it would be very helpful if someone can give any suggestion about what we need to get.

    4. Is it possible to get Reports stuff only as they are shipped with other products? For example, if I want to get Reports Developer and Reports server, do I have to bye iDS and 9iAS?

    5. Are those report features in 8i/9i database a part of Oracle Reports, or they are totally different?

    Thanks for any help.


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    Mar 2001
    I don't know much about it but I am sharing what I do know.

    In 9i server oracle has report and form services so you can integrate them there.
    for rest of it you shoud have a report server which is a seperate product than report developer. for more question go to oracle site there representatives are quick to respond.

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