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Thread: Most frequently executed query

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    Sep 2000
    How do I find the query that is executed for many number of times.
    Using V$SQLTEXT , I am able to find the queries executed but do not have an idea of the number of times.

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    I dunno if i am rite
    but try in this table

    select * from V$SQL
    i hope it helps...

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    Try this

    Hi there,
    bung this into a .sql file and run it... It will show you the top ten queries by executions. Also its easy to change to show the same infor for "top 10 buffer gets" or "top ten by IO"

    The query works in both 7 and 8.

    column sql_text format a80 word_wrap
    set long 160
    set linesize 160
    set pagesize 40
    SELECT /*+ RULE */
    substr(rownum,1,2) as "No",
    FROM v$sql st, dual
    WHERE -1*st.executions = DECODE(dual.dummy(+), 'X',NULL, NULL)
    AND rownum <= 10
    ORDER BY st.executions DESC


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