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Thread: import/export question

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    I have a question regarding import/export. I have set up new DB ready for an import. I will need to REFRESH all the data in two or three weeks time. Do I just do another export then import, or do I have to completely REBUILD the DB???

    Thanks in advance.


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    Yes, you can export&import only, BUT in Oracle databases you have ** MANY ** other options to refresh data between 2 databases. To name a few : replication of data, send/applying the redo logs, manual snapshots, db links, transportable tablespaces (very good : you only copy the data files to the other database !) , and others.
    Depending of your version, you can have all or only a few of this options - check your documentation, specially the Server Admin Guide manual.


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    You can tak eincremental Exports. type exp help=y to see how to take incremental export. And then import them in the new db.
    BTW in two or three weeks time will there be any major database management related activities like tablespace creation etc. If yes it is advisable to recreate db.
    Have to thought of useing transportable tablespaces?
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    It looks like the DESTROY=Y option overwrites any data files previously set up. Thanks.

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