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Thread: RMAN, OPS

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    I am trying to use RMAN or enterprise backup manager. When I try it it says you have to login as sysdba.
    I am login sys/pswd normal (it is not allowing me sys/pswd SYSDBA.
    How can I login as SYSDBA. will any body guide me.

    2. In oracle parallel server is it possible that nodes (clusters) is on windows NT and database on unix.

    can anybody give light on it.


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    I dont use Rman I use backup scritps to backup but I can answer your 2nd question

    Parallel server is set of Nodes accessing a common storage section which is going to be EMC,NET apps filer Etc.This common storage section is going to be Raw device which is visible to all the Nodes So all the Nodes have to run the same Operating system and same software of Oracle Version which in turn have a cluster manager managing all the nodes.There is a Instance which is running on all these nodes which are accessing a common database on the common storage serction.I will provide you with some link for further info



    You can go thru this link for further Info

    Hope this helped


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