Hi all,

We wanted to move a copy of our Production DB and Oracle Applications to the Development Sever. OS and DB in both machines are the same, host names are different. After creating the DB in the development server and trying to run Oracle Applications, we got 2 problems:

(1) when starting the Oracle Web Server we get :
ows-08802: "admin" lisnter does not exist.
(2) and, when starting the Concurrent Manager as applmgr we get :
batchmgr : can not create /tmp/sh1198080 .

Problem (1) was because of host name, and we got red of it after changing the host name to the local host name of Dev Server.
But the second problem is still there.

and by the way, can anybody tell me what is this batchmgr, and where can I read about it.

I would appreciate your help...