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Thread: How to size database ( Excel File Included)

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    Apr 2001


    Hi, everybody

    Don't worry Sudip, I don't mind to share: real experience comes from knowledge sharing, and this site is a really magnific example!

    I'll send the sheet and sql script to uday on next week (since I'm now finally resting for the week-end... ). Hope it will be one day present on the site with the explanation on how to use it...
    For this, I'd like too to answer to tamilsevan: the purpose of this excell worsheet is to HELP in sizing databases in a general way:
    For "junior" dbas, -anyone of us started one day, isn't it?- it is not very simple to size a table, index, and tablespace...
    For experienced dbas: try to estimate how much time you will gain on sizing a hundred-tables with associated indexes database whith a 'cut & paste'...

    I work for a huge tyres manufacturer located in France (did you guess?), and 'own' about 200 7/8/8i oracle databases on NT and Unix, all around the world, from the smallest one (150Mo, one table...) , to the most complex ones (huge 1.5To datawarehouse linked with other databases, databases with hundreds of tables & indexes, 24/24 7/7 availability, etc...).I'm in charge of those databases, from the architecture to the tuning and availability, and support for developpers...
    The worksheet gives a good estimation for sizing "generic" databases, it helped me in sizing the huge majority of 'my' databases and appears to be very, very helful and precise when filled the good way.
    I don't by disks buy myself, but when I am asked to give to the server's administrators an estimation on the disk space (and processor/memory use, but that's another subject) my database will use, it is always a NECESSITY to give a good one and to don't overestimate it, as I am not alone on these servers!
    As you said, "don't waste time in sizing": that's EXACTLY the purpose of the excell sheet. (I'd like to add too, that disk space is still awfully expensive on unix machines... )
    The few people who already received my mail will have noticed that I wrote about maxtrans and initrans (which are present in the worksheet)...

    For every people who asked me to send them the excell sheet, I'll continue on next week too. I already started to to so, but had no much time to complete to you all! I also mispelled a few adresses (nobody's perfect...), and I seem to have some difficulties to reach "123india" (sorry for you, guys...).

    Cheers, and keep smiling!
    (no offense)


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    May 2001

    Thumbs up Excel Sheet

    Hello Fabien,

    I am also very interested in your Excel Sheet.

    Please send me too..

    If anyoone who has got Fabien 's Excel sheet, please kindly
    share it with me.. Maybe too many requests will bother Fabien
    a lot..

    Thank you very much !!!!



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    Jul 2000
    i'll follow cjbk

    my email is shawish_sababa@hotmail.coml

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    Jan 2001
    I wana look why every one needs your magical excel sheet.Could you please send me at r_sonakiya@hotmail.com

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    Nov 2000

    pls, I need your magic excel sheet. please send to



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    Feb 2001
    Atlanta, USA
    Hello Fabien,

    I am interested in your magic Excell sheet also. Could you send a copy to


    Thanks in advance.

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    Feb 2001
    Could I also request for for that magic sheet
    my email-id is

    Thanks in Advance

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    Feb 2000

    Could you please include me in your mailout list.


    Keep up the good work.

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    Mar 2001
    can i get the excel sheet for estimating table size too.
    my email t.schmidt@traian.de


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    Feb 2001
    Is there a way to publicate this "magic spreadsheet" on this forum? This tread will never be closed otherways, and this will become a full time job for you. BTW why should I miss doing magic? Please send it to me also djcarving@hotmail.com

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